“Leadership isn’t a person, personality, or cute list of principles.

It’s inherent power meant for all to access and share.”

- calvin, the Drapetomaniac

Racial healing workshop, Los Angeles, California

Calvin calls all colors to heal historical trauma and build a better humanity.

"Learn to learn and then go serve."

About Calvin's services

Calvin gracefully coaches, designs curriculum, builds presentations, and facilitates trainings that are tailored

to the specific needs of an individual, group, or organization.

His capacities to engage any demographic in creative meaningful ways are unparalleled.


When harm has occurred or is occurring, Calvin effectively

deescalates hostilities and masterfully mediates honest effective communication lines for moving forward.  if a need is beyond his skill set, he will find a resource that can serve.


Via keynotes, professional development, school assemblies, workshops, or community gatherings, Calvin works tirelessly across the country to prevent the spectrum of violence, oppressive habits, and institutional or systemic injustices.


Everything Calvin "is" and "does" is to promote the oneness of humanity and realization of latent potentialities to contribute to material, social, and spiritual progress of all peoples in ways that cause no harm to Earth.

Healing Historical Trauma workshop @Steele Indian

School Memorial Union

Calvin's focus areas

Race's intersectional impact on all identity issues especially with regards to:

- disparities in economics, education, healthcare, incarceration rates, substance abuse rehabilitation, and environmental safety.

- healing historical traumas from perspectives of the oppressed and oppressor for reunification of humankind.

- intergenerational community mobilization to establish environmentally safe economic order and sustainable agency.

- the responsibility of cisgendered straight men to confront the spectrum of phobias, as well as various violences of toxic manhood.

- the infinite power of evolutionary consciousness and spiritual infrastructure building to transform all relations, as well as civilization.

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Calvin reminds us that the "Earth" won't wait for us to change; we either get humble

or be humbled.

With Calvin's style, you won't always feel "comfortable," but you'll always be

safe. He reminds us that if

we're comfortable, we're complicit

in ecocide and oppression worldwide.