"Amazing person and speaker. He has inspired me to become a better person and reflect on my self more often. Many emotions were experienced by our school today. Many tears of sadness and joy were shed today. He has successfully impacted many students' minds and hearts today. Thank you Calvin."

Student from DeSoto, KS, 2013

“I thought it was superb.  I thought he was smart, funny with a gigantic beating heart.  Really, great job.  Truly one of the best outside speakers I’ve ever experienced here.”

Sheri S., Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show & Harpo Productions President, 2008

"We brought Calvin in with an expectation that this was going to be a typical “diversity” seminar.  We were surprised by the honesty and amazing quality of his work. He got rough guys to get into their heart and be surprisingly real about issues.  He really helped us out after dealing with the shooting at the Hartford Brewery. Calvin is great and I’m thankful we found him.“

-Paul L., Fire Chief of Manchester Fire Department in Manchester, CT, 2010

“Calvin Terrell was part of our State required training for preparing teachers to teach ELL students. Calvin’s presentations help teachers understand the effects of discrimination, and create empathy and high expectations for all students. His contributions were critical in helping our district create a climate of high expectations and unconditional caring for all students! Calvin also has done presentations for students and parents to empower them to change their community. His presentations at one school for students and parents were so effective that one group of empowered parents and their children formed “Comunidad Unida.” Two years later they continued to meet to create unity and serve their community and school.”

- Marilyn S., Language Acquisition Director Creighton Elementary Schools, Phoenix, AZ 2006

“Calvin’s candor, wisdom, and captivating dynamics have made a lasting measurable impression on the students, staff, and parents, who turned out in record numbers, for the evening workshops he facilitates. Everyone needs to experience his knowledge and passion for community building.”

– Dr. Edith M., Assistant Superintendent for High Schools, Tucson Unified School District, Tucson, AZ, 2010

“We got Calvin to help with racial tensions between our African American and Hispanic students. His work with the one day Freshman trainings and Unitown camps have transformed the culture of our school. Not only have we seen substantial reduction in referrals, kids of all backgrounds are building relationships and involved in campus activities like we've never seen.”

– Steve K., principal of Westview High School, Avondale, AZ, 1997

“There’s an impression [of Terrell] in the eyes and the hearts of the kids who have experienced his work, and for some kids, it is life changing.”

– Dr. Marcus C.., principal of Evanston Township High School & professor at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL 2019