Pray or Prey?

What has happened and is happening to adult minds that consider their ways “good,” “considerate,” and “intentional,” to give an abundance of mindfulness to what car to drive, what to wear, and where they live more so than what they eat? A social engineering propaganda machine that is almost as insidious as breathing Pinocchios people. This "miseducation" of the educated to give greater care and consideration to what we put "on" or "around" our body than what we put "in" our body is alarming.

Social engineering can be simultaneously virtuous and violent.

Consider, to educate children to contribute to the holistic progress of all peoples in ways that cause no harm to the ecosphere, is this virtuous or violent? To god complex economics, this is violent. In an economic order where the absence of "something" will contribute to the death of children, elders, or those who have certain disabilities, violence is the engine of such a system.

Is water sold for profit?

Is food sold for profit?

Is clothing sold for profit?

Is shelter sold for profit?

Is education sold for profit?

Is healthcare sold for profit?

Is even air now sold for profit?

Until all systems systematically respond to the sicknesses and “sins” of a society with sincerity and a steadfast sense of justice, the oppressive violences of the colonial God complex will continue to endanger all existence.

When one has been trained to "pray" for "blessings" drenched in material comforts, they are doing what they believe is "good." In order for those "goods" to exist, a people and place falls "prey" to historical exploitation and oppression. Everything we eat, drink, sleep in, move in, turn on to watch or listen to, and wear is "labor." The dreams of the few are still built on the nightmares for many.

We can build virtuous systems, but we have to first acknowledge or become aware of the violences we call "success" from delusional mindsets. When "educated" people began to lament or cry out, "give us answers" or "how do we stop naming and complaining to do something," they are either:

A. Comfortable with or surrendered to social order as it is

B. Using this cry out as a distraction to avoid the conversation

C. They are actually a miseducated mind lacking the knowledge and will to confront issues

D. Not honest or humble enough to admit "A" "B" and or "C"

I don't have answers, but I believe a more united humanity across superstitious and real lines of difference can find them or build them together. Blessings!

Peep the 20min video below. It's an oldie, but a goodie called "The Story of Stuff."

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calvin, the Drapetomaniac

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