Calvin Terrell transforms pain into power and haunts into healing. Surviving violences, losing loved ones to addictions, murder, white supremacy, and misogyny, as well as owning his own prejudices and role in oppression, compels Calvin’s service. Calvin is founder/director of Social Centric Institute, a non-profit he built to educate anyone and everyone to be healers of historical trauma around racial intersections, class, religion, gender, and environmental disruption. For more than 25 years, Calvin has engaged every demographic throughout the US in historical trauma healing processes. His approaches draw from many technologies that are colonial, decolonized, and indigenous.


For his dedication to human rights, Calvin's been awarded with honors from faith, educational, civic, and activist organizations, as well as government institutions, including the city of Phoenix year 2000 Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. “Living the Dream” Award. The demand of his services prompted organizations such as Harpo Inc., Oprah Winfrey’s production company to contract Calvin to train executive producers, coach various members of the production team, and assist in their transition to the “O” network. He was also honored to be a contributing consultant in designing the Muhammed Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Most recently, the Obama Foundation sought Calvin’s collaboration with regards to community empowerment.

Calvin challenges the privileged to abandon fragile pedestals of inconsiderate obliviousness, while he encourages the oppressed to remember their power developed from surviving historical unfairness. He invites all to abandon identity superstitions and materialistic traditions, so humanity can meet and collaborate on a healing field of justice waiting for cultivation. His greatest achievements are marriage, fatherhood, and a relationship with the infinite power that fashioned the stars. Calvin is not a democrat, nor a republican, a libertarian or anarchist; he is soul experiencing black membership of the human race. Calvin helps all remember their power and he doesn't care what you think or feel about him, but he loves you!



Assembly@ Cesar Chavez High School, Phoenix, Arizona

Activist  Artist  Educator  Healer

Activist   Artist   Educator   Healer

As an activist, artist, coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer who connects with all identities to confront deep issues in relevant ways, Calvin designs experiences, as well as curriculum, specific to the needs of communities or organizations. Stay tuned for his books and curriculum with regards to racial healing.

Calvin helps...

...reveal what is often "unseen" and not often considered, to unleash talents that better the world.

With Calvin's work...


People gain meaningful depth of understanding on how "hurt people hurt people." They are inspired to remember "open hearts open hearts"

and to "help each other help each other!"

Back in the day, people would get together to listen to "records," be it music, comedy, or storytelling. You don't need Calvin "with you" to use his TEDx talk. Get people together in your home, dorm room, classroom, faith group meeting, backyard, or team retreat to "unpack" the concepts he drops in 10min. Stop it to discuss "peace" by piece, rewind to RE-SPECT or listen again, look up words or ideas, communicate and investigate with an intention to be part of the healing. Every word, voice inflection, and gesture he expresses is intentional, be sure to avoid superficially engaging this. Give yourself permission to assume or infer to find the deeper meaning behind every phrase. Use this as a tool "wherever you are..."


Click here to download curriculum Calvin designed to accompany his talk and enhance learning.

Click here to investigate a potent list of books, video, and other resources for service to healing and justice.

Calvin's powerful approaches and wealth of knowledge move individuals, groups, and organizations beyond

the superficial or what's typical.


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"When we can name our part in social sickness, we can be part of the healing worldwide."

- Calvin Terrell