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Be part of the  healing

Calvin's Mission:

Educate anyone to heal historical trauma around racial intersections, class, religion, gender, and environmental disruption

In Calvin's Social Centric Philosophical Juxtaposition, every person who has lived, is living, and will live is called a “Gatherer.” Whether it be violent, virtuous, or a combination, all are gathering experiences and making memories that can both hurt and help. Some gather power, purpose, relationships, and truth, while others are forced to survive oppression, despair, disenfranchisement, and deception because others don’t gather, they hoard control. Those survivors of distorted gathering gather a deeper consciousness of reality that is waiting to be released to better the world. So we are all born Gatherers who can be trained to hunt, hurt, and hoard or heal, help, and holistically share power. This gathering impulse in all of us can be coerced, forced, seduced, and even weaponized via deceptive forces that are cultural, communal norms, industrial / institutional practices, and historical patterns. When a person, group, and or organization consciously chooses to reveal this distorting deception, stop its control, heal its historical traumas, and live truth with intentions to contribute to the material, social, and spiritual progress of all peoples in ways that cause no harm to the ecosphere, they are no longer are just a Gatherer; they are Subscribers to the belief that people can be better than human history. You are invited to use Calvin's materials as a Subscriber or even a Seeker, Protagonist, Facilitator and or Network of the Social Centric Healing Oppression & Opportunity Learning global community. Thank you for being generous with your time and efforts.


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