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Racial healing workshop, Los Angeles, California


 Calvin Terrell | Motivational Speaker | activist | coach

For his dedication to human rights, Calvin's been awarded with honors from faith, educational, civic, and activist organizations, as well as government institutions, including the city of Phoenix year 2000 Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. “Living the Dream” Award. The demand of his services prompted organizations such as Harpo Inc., Oprah Winfrey’s production company to contract Calvin to train executive producers, coach various members of the production team, and assist in their transition to the “O” network. He was also honored to be a contributing consultant in designing the Muhammed Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Most recently, the Obama Foundation sought Calvin’s collaboration with regards to community empowerment.

Calvin challenges the privileged to abandon fragile pedestals of inconsiderate obliviousness, while he encourages the oppressed to remember their power developed from surviving historical unfairness. He invites all to abandon identity superstitions and materialistic traditions, so humanity can meet and collaborate on a healing field of justice waiting for cultivation. His greatest achievements are marriage, fatherhood, and a relationship with the infinite power that fashioned the stars. Calvin is not a democrat, nor a republican, a libertarian or anarchist; he is soul experiencing black membership of the human race. Calvin helps all remember their power and he doesn't care what you think or feel about him, but he loves you!


"Amazing person and speaker. He has inspired me to become a better person and reflect on my self more often. Many emotions were experienced by our school today. Many tears of sadness and joy were shed today. He has successfully impacted many students' minds and hearts today. Thank you Calvin."

– Student from DeSoto, KS, 2013

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