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Calvin Terrell Moves the Crowd

Calvin Terrell Moves the Crowd

Socio-Spiritual Evolution


Calvin Terrell challenges all to remember their power to see themselves in others. To transcend global challenges while maintaining the Earth’s environment, humankind must heal historical traumas around race intersecting with every human identity. In his candid presentation, Calvin will weave ancient indigenous concepts of healing with modern challenges as a call to action.


In Lak Ech is a Nauhatl phrase that affirms that humans and all life are interconnected. Calvin invokes the concept of In Lak Ech as a healing tool for evolving relations in his work as an activist artist and justice consultant throughout the United States. “You are my other me” is the meaning behind In Lak Ech and the challenge Calvin affirms in this talk. For a new world that is safer environmentally, socially, and institutionally, we must unlearn to relearn to see our interwoven destiny.



Healing Historical Trauma workshop @Steele Indian

School Memorial Union

Speaking Engagements

"Learn to learn and then go serve."

About Calvin's services

Calvin gracefully coaches, designs curriculum, builds presentations, and facilitates trainings that are tailored

to the specific needs of an individual, group, or organization.

His capacities to engage any demographic in creative meaningful ways are unparalleled.


When harm has occurred or is occurring, Calvin effectively

deescalates hostilities and masterfully mediates honest effective communication lines for moving forward.  if a need is beyond his skill set, he will find a resource that can serve.


Via keynotes, professional development, school assemblies, workshops, or community gatherings, Calvin works tirelessly across the country to prevent the spectrum of violence, oppressive habits, and institutional or systemic injustices.


Everything Calvin "is" and "does" is to promote the oneness of humanity and realization of latent potentialities to contribute to material, social, and spiritual progress of all peoples in ways that cause no harm to Earth.

Speaking Engagement Inquiry

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Why Calvin Terrell and the Social Centric Team? Why not? In today's climate, we live not only in a politically divisive world, but also one with violence, pain, and race at the center.  At Social Centric, we provide applicable trainings, relevant group or  individual coaching, and approaches to heal racial divides that promote healthy environments in schools, communities, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Thank you for investigating Calvin Terrell’s Social Centric Philosophical Juxtaposition. We wish to collaborate with any and all wanting to eliminate oppression and release the full potential of all the world’s peoples in ways that cause no harm or threat to the ecosphere. You are invited to collaborate with Calvin and the Social Centric team.

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